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Contact Division of Motor Vehicles Driver Control: Telephone (available Tuesday through Thursday, 8:10 A.M. to 4:45 P.M.) 785-296-3671 Fax 785-296-6851 Note: Please include full name and driver's license number. Allow five business days to process after receipt. Hearing Impaired TTY 785-296-3613 E-mail Driver's License: Telephone 785-296-3963 Fax 785-296-0691 Hearing Impaired TTY 785-296-3601 E-mail Motor Carrier: Telephone 785-271-3145 Fax 785-271-3283 Hearing Impaired TTY 785-296-3601 E-mail Titles and Registration: Telephone 785-296-3621 TTY for Hearing Impaired 785-296-0166 Fax 785-296-3852 E-mail
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